2017 Social Media Trends: Instagram Dual Live Streaming

2017 Social Media Trends: Instagram Dual Live Streaming

Instagram Dual Live Streaming Video

It's been a little over a month since Instagram announced it was rolling out a Dual Live Streaming Update. Was your brand one of the lucky ones to try this exciting new tool in social media? If not - don't worry. Instagram is rolling this out slowly through the rest of the year...so if you don't have access to this feature now, you will relatively soon.


Instagram has updated their live video feature (Aug 2017), announcing the ability to “go live with a friend” with a split-screen live video.

“This feature is currently testing with a small percentage of our community and will be rolling out globally over the next few months.” —IG (Aug 2017)

This feature looks incredibly promising. As this becomes more widely available (between now and Dec 2017), brands will have the option to invite any current viewer to join their stream. After someone joins, it will show both feeds until they exit, you kick the person out, or you replace them with another viewer.


For brands; here are some exciting ways to use this social media feature. Cool opportunities could include -

  • Live Customer Service and/or Product Marketing Q&A's
  • Interviews w/key Brand Influencers & Top Customers
  • Open Chat with your audience directly "feedback sessions" on new products and/or services
  • Announcements to your audience directly for limited run products or holiday specific merchandise - taking Q/As and comments within session
  • This is an exciting new feature within one of the fastest growing social media platforms this year (Instagram) so be sure to check it out and include it within your 2018 Marketing Plans.

    (News Source: https://techvibes.com/2017/08/08/instagram-rolls-out-dual-livestreaming-update)

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